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Low Memory Mode

A laptop with 8 GB RAM is sufficient to run Simsapa.

By default incremental search is on, i.e. a search starts when you stop or pause while typing. This can be slow on older computers, turn it off with:

  • Find > Search As You Type: OFF

In normal operation, Simsapa uses about 1-3 GB RAM, depending on how many windows and suttas are open.

Each tab which renders HTML is an embedded Chromium instance (Qt WebEngine), so its memory consumption can be compared to a browser with a few open web pages.

To minimize memory usage, these settings minimize the loaded window types and HTML renderer tabs:

  • File > Start in Low Memory Mode ON (disables pre-loading windows)
  • File > Tray Click Opens Window: the window you use most often, e.g. Sutta Study
  • Windows > First Window on Startup: the same as above, e.g. Sutta Study
  • Suttas > Show Related Suttas OFF (disables automatically opening sutta translations)

This way the app uses about 450 - 500 MB RAM.